Why Apply Lubrication to Engine Parts ?

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Applying shell oil to engine partThe lubrication is the supply of oil between two surfaces having relative movement.

While applying lubrication to engine parts one should choose good lubricant to make the engine run efficiently.

The objective of applying lubrication to engine parts are:

  1. To reduce the frictional forces between the parts having a relative motion by minimizing the force of friction and ensures the smooth running of the engine.
  2. To reduce the wear and tear of moving parts.
  3. To cool the surfaces by carrying away the heat generated due to friction.
  4. To seal a space adjoining the surfaces such as piston rings and cylinder linear.
  5. To absorb the shocks between bearings and other parts and consequently, reduce noise.
  6. To act as a cleaning agent and removing dirt, grit and any deposits that might be present between the moving parts of an automobile.
  7. To help the piston rings to seal the gases inside the piston cylinder.

Parts of Engine Requires Lubrication:

The main parts of the engine which need lubrication are:

  1. Main crankshaft bearings.
  2. Big end bearings or crank pin.
  3. Gudgeon in bearings.
  4. Piston rings and cylindrical walls.
  5. Timing gears.
  6. Camshaft and camshaft bearings.
  7. Valve mechanism
  8. Valve guide, valve tappets, rocker arms.
  9. Governor and
  10. Water pump bearing.
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