Avert Tool can Slide under any Car and can Steal It

European scientists developed AVERT (Autonomous Multi-Robot System for Vehicle Extraction and Transportation) Project for use of law enforcement.
A main robot that is able to map parking lot of a vehicle. This main robot controls four pair of smaller robots that are able to role under suspicious vehicle to access four wheels of a car.
Avert rapid proptotypeWith the help of these pair of robots vehicle can be lifted to an inch height from the ground, that is enough for the pair of robots to move the car from parking place and can steal it.
autonomous AVERT robot prototypeActually The AVERT system was developed for the intention of moving a car safely that might be carrying explosives or other hazardous materials without human intervention even if car is parked deep in a garage or a tight spot making it hard for more traditional bomb-disposal robots to access it.
See the below animation how AVERT system moves the car
AVERT system moving a car animation Source: AVERT Project

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