Classification of Welding and Allied Processes

There are different joining processes welding, brazing and soldering methods are being used in industries to join, fix metals or alloys. There are different ways of classifying the welding and allied processes.

Classification can be done on the basis of source heat, fuel, type of interaction (fusion welding or solid state welding), etc.

The general classification of welding processes and allied processes is given below:

(A) Welding Processes

1. Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding Processes

  1. Air-acetylene welding
  2. Oxy-acetylene welding
  3. Oxy-hydrogen welding
  4. Pressure gas welding

2. Arc Welding Processes

  1. Carbon arc welding
  2. Shielded metal arc welding
  3. Submerged arc welding
  4. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  5. Gas Metal Arc Welding
  6. Plasma Arc Welding
  7. Electrogas Welding
  8. Electroslag Welding
  9. Stud arc welding
  10. Atomic hydrogen welding

3. Resistance Welding

  1. Spot welding
  2. Seam welding
  3. Projection welding
  4. Resistance butt welding
  5. Flash butt welding
  6. Percussion welding
  7. High frequency resistance welding
  8. High frequency induction welding

4. Solid-State Welding Processes

  1. Forge welding
  2. Cold pressure welding
  3. Friction welding
  4. Explosive welding
  5. Diffusion welding
  6. Cold pressure welding
  7. Thermo-compression welding

5. Thermit Welding Processes

  1. Thermit welding
  2. Pressure thermit welding

6. Radiant Energy Welding Processes

  1. Laser welding
  2. Electron beam welding


(B) Allied Processes

1. Metal Joining or Metal Depositing Processes

  1. Soldering
  2. Brazing
  3. Braze welding
  4. Adhesive bonding
  5. Metal spraying
  6. Surfacing

2. Thermal Cutting Processes

  1. Arc cutting
  2. Gas cutting
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