Comparison Between Overhead Lines and Underground Cables

overhead lines and underground cablesEven though the electrical energy can be transmitted or distributed using overhead lines and underground cables, the selection of one over the other is based on the following reasons listed in the below table.
Overhead lines
Underground cables
1 Public safety More dangerous to the public Less hazardous to the public
2 Initial cost Less costly It is ten times more cost of overhead lines
3 Flexibility More flexible and can be modified easily Less flexible
4 Faults The chance of fault occurrence is more Less chance of fault occurrence
5 Appearance Bad, since the wiring is visible Good, since the wiring is not visible
6 Fault location and repair Easier to locate the fault and repair it Difficult to locate the fault and repair it
7 Useful life Less More
8 Maintenance cost Very high Low
9 Interference with communication circuits Faces problems due to interference No interference with the communication circuits
10 Lightning Liable to hazards from lightning Not liable to hazards from lightning
11 Submarine crossings Cannot be used Can be used
12 Transmission Used for long-distance transmission Used for short-distance transmission
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