Comparison between Permanent Mold Casting and Die Casting

The comparison between permanent mold casting and die casting in aspects like cost, floor area, surface finishing, production rate, initial cost are listed as under in the table form.
Permanent Mold Casting
1 Permanent mold casting molds are less costly. Die casting dies are costly.
2 It requires some more floor area in comparison to die casting. It requires less floor area comparison to permanent mold casting.
3 It gives good surface finishing. It gives very fine surface finishing.
4 It doesn’t requires skilled labour in maintenance of mold casting. It requires skilled labour in maintenance of die casting.
5 It has high dimensional accuracies. It has very high dimensional accuracies.
6 This is suitable for small medium sized non-ferrous. There is a limited scope of non- ferrous alloys and it is used for small sizes of castings.
7 Production rate is good. Production rate is very high.
8 Initial cost is high hence it is used for large production. Initial cost is also high hence used for large production.
9 Several defects like stress, surface hardness may be produced due to surface chilling effect. This phenomenon may also occur in this case.
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