Differences Between SI Engine and CI Engine

Spark Ignition (SI) engine can be compared with Compression Ignition (CI) engine system in 7 aspects. Those 7 aspects are engine speed, cycle efficiency, fuel used, time of knocking, cycle operation, the pressure generated and constant parameters during the cycle.

Spark Ignition Engine
Compression-Ignition Engine
1 Engine speed SI engines are high-speed engines. CI engines are low-speed engines.
2 Cycle efficiency SI engines have a low thermal efficiency CI engines have high thermal efficiency.
3 Fuel used Petrol is used as fuel, which has a high self-ignition temperature. Diesel is used as fuel, it has a low self-ignition temperature.
4 Time of knocking Knocking takes place at the end of combustion. Knocking takes place at the beginning of combustion.
5 Cycle operation SI engine works on the otto cycle. CI engine works on diesel cycle.
6 Pressure generated A homogeneous mixture of fuel, hence high pressure is generated. A heterogeneous mixture of fuel, hence low pressure is generated.
7 Constant parameter during cycle Constant volume cycle. Constant pressure cycle.
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