Did You Know: Energy-Efficient UPS Systems Play an Inevitable Role in the Industrial Sector?

The role played by an Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) system cannot be ignored in any data centre or mission critical facility. This is true because these areas require consistent availability of power. UPS systems provide two types of power support namely – filtered power and backup power. Filtered power gives support to the mission critical facility in times of power fluctuations whereas, backup power supports in case of any power outage. Also, it is a well-known fact that energy costs have increased manifold in the last few years and simultaneously one can see that power outages are on rise. Therefore, an effective use of energy has become a primary cause of concern for different industry verticals.
Today, many data centre and facility managers know about the energy-saving mode of operation of UPS systems. This is popularly known as eco-mode and it has gained massive popularity in the recent times.
Since modern industries want to maximize their energy efficiency, they want to use scalable and modular UPS systems. In today’s scenario, data centres are energy hungry and are the heaviest consumers of power. Having an energy efficient UPS system is of core concern to them.
Consequently, UPS manufacturers are involved in massive R&D to make design, components, software and energy storage solutions in accordance to the industry demands. Some of the leading uninterruptible power supply system manufacturers make highly energy efficient UPS systems using advanced technology. This new technology refers to as Eco Energy Level that uses star rating system ranging from 1-6 to rate the overall sustainability performance. If industry use UPS systems using this technology, they can get the highest level of energy efficiency that corresponds with the European Code of Conduct. This advanced system demonstrates how the most efficient UPS provide energy savings. It is even able to quickly recover the cost of purchase compared to any other standard UPS.
Hence, in recent times, UPS manufacturers have started providing not only better equipment, but also efficient management platforms that helps in reducing operating costs. Therefore, the benefits that an energy efficient UPS system offers to the organization as a whole can be construed as –

  • Cost-savings for lifetime
  • Reduction in environmental hazards, if any may arise
  • Positive impact on environment
  • Receive tax benefits and incentives
  • Enhance goodwill of the end-user
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