Halfbike 2 is a Pedal Powered Three-Wheeled Vehicle for Navigating the City Streets

Halfbike 2 is designed by architect Martin Angelov, co-founder of Tuscon, Arizona-based transport design company Kolelinia.
three wheeled Halfbike on city street
Halfbike team has taken the core driving mechanism of a classical bicycle (a wheel connected to a crankset). The result – a pedal powered 3 wheeler vehicle that trains your balance and reflexes in a new way. Halfbike 2 not only affects your physical level but also affects the way you perceive movement and enhances your senses. The standing rider position is essential for the Halfbike 2. It brings you closer to natural walking and it’s the only way to control the vehicle with your whole body and not just your hands.
Halfbike on city streets
Halfbike 2 has pedal same as bicycle. In halfbike 2 there is no seat to sit, rider has to stand on pedal, and apply force on it to move forward. Backside wheels are very short compared to front wheel.
Halfbike folded

Halfbike Specifications:
The Halfbike is 1.1 metre long and 1 metre high, it can be folded in half can fit easily in the trunk of car. It Weighs around 8kg, the frame is made from aluminium metal with the handlebars formed from treated plywood. It is available in two variant colors black and white.
Halfbike 2 Specifications
Halfbike team emphasize on the clear and minimalist design and optimized details for better navigation in the city streets.
Check out Halfbike II and Kickstarter pages for more details.

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