Mechanical Engineering Portal Android App on Google Play Store

Hello, readers of the Mechanical Engineering community,

We (Me Mechanical team) have launched an Android App named “Mechanical Engineering Portal” on the Google Play Store. This app is for Mechanical Engineering Students and Professionals to gain knowledge on mechanical engineering topics and become skilled engineers.

Our app covers the articles on topics listed below:

🏷️Engineering Basics,
🏷️Engineering Materials,
🏷️Fluid Mechanics,
🏷️Heat Transfer,
🏷️Hydraulic Machines,
🏷️Industrial Engineering,
🏷️Machine Design,
🏷️Power Plant Engineering,
🏷️Refrigeration and Air Conditioning,
🏷️Strength of Materials,
🏷️Theory of Machines and

Mechanical engineering portal android app available on Google Play Store

This is a valuable android app and covers lists of more topics with detailed notes, diagrams, equations and formulas. The app is a must-have for all mechanical engineering students and professionals to gain knowledge.

Our app’s main intention is to spread knowledge to all mechanical engineers and engineering students in every corner of the globe and be the best provider of illustrations, diagrams and comparisons.

Content in this app is synced with our website Me Mechanical

This app is made for the mechanical engineering community by mechanical engineer Chennu Vinodh Reddy.

Features of the Mechanical Engineering Portal App:
➡️Save Posts for offline viewing
➡️Browse articles by Topics and Tags
➡️Get the latest posts updates by Push Notifications
➡️ Discussion on articles

Our articles can be segmented into the following tags:

🔖Aircraft, 🔖 Animation, 🔖Application, 🔖Arc Welding, 🔖Battery, 🔖Bearing, 🔖Bicycle, 🔖Boiler, 🔖Bolt, 🔖Brake, 🔖Brazing, 🔖Car, 🔖Casting, 🔖Chart, 🔖Clock, 🔖CNC Machining, 🔖 Coal, 🔖Common Rail, 🔖Components,🔖Compressor, 🔖Computer,🔖Condenser, 🔖Cooling, 🔖Cutting, 🔖Design, 🔖Device, 🔖Electricity, 🔖Energy, 🔖Engine, 🔖Equation, 🔖Equilibrium, 🔖Event, 🔖Fashion, 🔖Fluid, 🔖Force, 🔖Forge, 🔖Forming, 🔖Friction, 🔖Fuel, 🔖Fuel Cell, 🔖GATE, 🔖Gear, 🔖Guide, 🔖Hammer, 🔖Hardness Test, 🔖Heat, 🔖Heat Exchanger, 🔖IC Engine, 🔖Ignition, 🔖Infographic, 🔖Inspection, 🔖Instrument, 🔖Interview Questions, 🔖Invention, 🔖Joining, 🔖Joining Process, 🔖Law, 🔖Laws of Thermodynamics, 🔖LPG, 🔖Lubricant, 🔖Machine, 🔖Machining, 🔖Materials, 🔖Mechanical Properties, 🔖Mechanism, 🔖Merchant Circle, 🔖Modern Machining Process, 🔖Operation, 🔖Parts, 🔖Petrol, 🔖Pipe, 🔖Power Plant, 🔖Pressure, 🔖Principle, 🔖Products, 🔖Properties, 🔖Pump, 🔖Rail, 🔖Reactor, 🔖Refrigeration, 🔖Robot, 🔖Safety, 🔖Screw, 🔖Soldering, 🔖System, 🔖Technique, 🔖Terminology, 🔖Theorem, 🔖Thermodynamics Cycles, 🔖Tool, 🔖Train, 🔖Turbine, 🔖Types, 🔖Vehicle, 🔖Weapon, 🔖Welding, 🔖Wheel, 🔖Wood


Here is the link to download the Android app from the Google Play Store

Download link to Mechanical Engineering Portal Android app on Google play Store