What are the Products formed during Petroleum Refining Process ?

Fraction of products formed during petroleum refining process are fuel gas, propane, butane, light naptha, heavy naptha, kerosene, middle, distillate, light gas oil middle distillate and heavy gas oil. There apparatus boiling temperatures of fractions are listed in below in tabular form.

Apparatus boiling range temperature °C
1 Fuel gas -160 to -44 CH4, C2H6 and propane used as refinery fuel.
2 Propane -40 LPG.
3 Butane -12 to -30 Blended with motor gasoline to increase its volatility.
4 Light Naptha 0 to 150 Motor gasoline for catalytic to increase its volatility.
5 Heavy Naptha 150 to 200 Catalytic reforming fuel blended light gas-oil t form jet fuels.
6 Kerosene middle distillate 200 to 300 Domestic Aviation fuel.
7 Light gas oil middle distillate 200 to 315 Furnace fuel oil to diesel
8 Heavy gas oil 315 to 425 Feed for catalytic cracking
9 Vacuum gas oil 425 to 600 Feed for catalytic cracking
10 Pitch >600 Heavy fuel oil asphalt
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