5 Important Purposes Of Engineering And Technology In Fashion Industry

Like many people say that Physics is everywhere, I would say that engineering is everywhere. Without the word “Engineering” nothing is complete. If you buy a simple needle from a store, you will find great work of engineering in that as well. This needle is just a tiny thing but when we talk about a big industry like fashion, there we find the different purpose of engineering. Researching deep about the connection between fashion and engineering, I found 5 things where it meets each other. But before that, let’s know more about engineering.

applications of Engineering and technology in fashion

Engineering is the part of this world for a long time. Even when science wasn’t discovered, engineering was there in the form of wheel, wedge, lever and pulley. These engineering is the example of massive mind that human has and for modern world engineers, this is like a gift from God. These inventions push the world towards technology and to think beyond the things. Today we have everything and enjoying a comfortable life just because of science and engineering. So, it’s an important part of our life, and now it’s everywhere.

Coming back to the role of Engineering in Fashion Industry, let’s discuss the five major points where we can’t move forward without the help of technology. Here I will discuss these by talking leather fashion garment industry as an example.

Procedure of Design Creation:

design creation drawing

Before you go and make your product, you first have to design what you plan to make. You can’t do that just by hands; you will need some technology that will help you making the design perfectly. For example, when you think to make a leather garment, you have to decide what design you will work on computer software or perhaps sketch and after finalizing you will progress to manufacture process. So here, technology comes in the form of computer and worked.

Sterilizing/Cleaning Process

Sterlizing, cleaning process

When it comes to cleaning purpose it requires lots of safety and just can’t believe in yourself only, we have to take help and trust technology. What you will make people will consume it, and you have to make sure that you don’t provide any harmful thing to them. For example, before the unfinished leather progress for stitching and making, it’s sterilized with the help of machines and process well to kill all the bacteria and germs in it. Here, the technology works to make the material secure for the consumer.

Manufacturing and Finished Inventory

manufacturing and finished inventory

After cleaning and making garment secure enough to wear the process comes of shaping and finalizing it for the consumer. While, finalizing is a big process, but here I will explain it in three simple points where technology works. For example, after cleaning the material, next it comes to the dye process where chemistry works with engineering. Here the leather/material will get its color. After that the texture process starts. Talking about the leather, it comes in varieties of texture and all different process is need. Engineering and technology work with physics and chemistry to give you the final results at that point. Last process comes where the leather garment cuts into its shape and stitching process start. So like, from designing till making, it’s all technology and engineering working for the fashion industry but still there are more things coming.

Promotion Advertisement of Clothing

When the product is in its final shape, next comes selling it to the person looking for it. Now we just can’t wait till the customer comes to us. How would he know that we are building or making anything? We have to tell him and again its technology and engineering that will help us. For example, let take leather garment maker, as in today’s world, leather is one of the most consuming things all over the world and lots of people are there who are buying leather jackets online. The customer sees the advertisement that the seller have done to tell everyone what he makes and the conversion starts. Like this, lots of people prefer to use pamphlets to advertise, some use media advertisement to let people know about them. Without this, there will be no conversion between you and customer. So, technology also plays a significant role in this part of fashion industry.

Transport and Shipping Service

transport and shipping service

Here I’m talking about online stores that are increasing day by day. If anyone purchase anything online from your store then next what it comes for you is to deliver that stuff to the consumer. For example, in an online store of leather where people buy stuff from China to USA, it brings a long distance conversation that has to be covered. Now here, the technology works to deliver the thing from the seller to the customer, and this is the major part of the fashion industry as well.

So from the cleaning process till delivering it to customer technology helps. Today, our life is all dependent, and the modern engineering is still bringing new inventions to the world that can make our life easy to spend. If you have a small business or have massive factories, somehow somewhere you need technology for sure.

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