Russia’s Armata T- 14 Battle Tank [Infographic]

Russia’s T-14 tank, based upon ‘Armata’ universal chassis system, weighs 48 tons. The T-14 war tank was equipped with an adjustable suspension capable of adapting to varying relief, terrain type and vehicle speed, resulting in increased speed while moving in columns, as well as over rugged terrain. The suspension system of T – 14 tank will also alleviate crew fatigue, while assisting the fire control system to deliver accurate fire while on the move.
The composite multi layered passive armor protection of the T-14 tank is built with steel made by electro-slag remelting and is combined with new composites to protect the T-14 tank against the most advanced modern weaponry.
The T-14 battle tank is equipped with the Chelyabinsk A-85-3A X-diesel engine that is capable of producing power up to 1500 hp. T -14 battle tank also has a tank information control system (TICS) that monitors all assemblies and components, diagnoses malfunctions and controls on-board systems.

Technical Specifications of the T-14 Armata War Tank
Armata Infographic credits screen capture from FMSO

T-14 tank can attack the target upto the range 7 to 8 km. It can fire targets at rate of 10-12 per minute. Maximum speed is 80 to 90 km/hr. Tank need to have a crew of 3 personnel to enter battle field. It has 7.62 mm remote controlled machine gun at the top. Engine can be replaced with new engine within half an hour. High resolution video cameras are used for seeing enemy targets.

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