Safety Measures while Working with Electrical Machines

When operating with electrical machines, operator or user for the first time should be careful to avoid accidents.

Based on the experience of many experts, some rules and regulations have been made for the handling of electrical appliances. In industry, an inquiry is normally ordered for the electrical accident. Items carrying electricity should be properly insulated. Aging of insulation withstand capacity and should not be allowed to leak current. Switching contacts and point contacts should be checked periodically for sparking and point heating.

Electrical machines safety

Important Preventive Measures to Avoid Electric Accidents:

  1. All metallic parts, externally accessible must always be earthed.
  2. No inflammable materials must be kept near electrical appliances, electric line wires or electric control panels.
  3. Electric safety devices like a fuse, circuit breakers over-tripping must always be used where ever required.
  4. All defective and worn-out electric fittings must be replaced timely.
  5. Untrained persons should not be allowed to repair electrical faults of a machine or device.
  6. Safety belts, helmet, rubber gloves, boots with rubber soles and other safety items must be used by electrician while repairing, dealing or working with high voltage. These appliances should be provided with all electric mechanics.
  7. Overloading of an electrical circuit must be avoided.
  8. The electrical appliances when not in use for a long time must be disconnected from the main supply.
  9. The main power supply should be switched off always during maintenance work. An only authorized person should be allowed to switch on and off the power supply.
  10. One should avoid touching metal case of any electrical apparatus when it is in operation.
  11.  The proper type of wiring should always be provided in all locations.
  12.  The electrical inspection should be done periodically to detect the damages.
  13. Always avoid overloading on any single point.
  14. Good standards of safety items must be maintained as per norms.

Even though while following the above preventive measures while working with electrical machines, a person might receive the electric shock due to some kind of negligence, the following steps must procedure must be done to save the life of a victim from the electric accident.

If a victim stops breathing after the electric shock, one should remove all sorts of obstructions from the mouth of the victim. Then he/she should sit on his knees near the head of the victim and keep your both hands on his near the collarbone, in such a way that the thumbs of both hands touch each other the fingers remain open. He/she should press the back of the patient slowly and release the pressure on the back and move up to the shoulders by sliding palms. Then the victim should be pulled upward by holding the patient’s arm in between his elbows and shoulders. This process is repeated until the patient starts breathing himself. By following the above steps victim’s life can be saved from electric accidents.

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Vinodh Reddy is a Mechanical Engineer and Editor-in-chief of ME Mechanical. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also blogs at Way2Learn for Exams. He interested in the manufacturing field.

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  • Safety is very important for those working in extremely harsh condition or heavy machines. Always wear protective equipment when working with heavy equipment. There are lots of industrial safety products available like safety helmets, gloves, safety shoes, boots, safety belts, goggles, etc.

    Kaira Singh Jul 2, 2019 6:17 pm Reply
  • It’s important to take safety precautions when working with electrical machines. Safety must not be compromised and I completely agree with the measures you have mentioned above. 13th point is one of the important measures that everyone should focus on.

    Nice article Vinodh, keep up the good work!

    Dennis Benson Jul 18, 2019 4:46 pm Reply

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