Safety Precautions in Forging Shop

Some safety precautions in forging shop to followed while performing forging operation to avoid injuries and accidents are listed below:

performing forging operation in forging shop

Forging shop. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

  1. Always avoid the use of damaged hammers.
  2. Never try to strike a hardened surface with a hardened tool.
  3. No person should stand in line with the flying objects.
  4. Always use the proper tongs tool to grip and lift objects according to the type of work.
  5. The anvil should always be clean and free from moisture and grease while in use.
  6. Always wear proper clothing such as an apron, foot-wears and goggles.
  7. The handle of the hammer should always be tightly fitted in the head of the hammer.
  8. Always put out the fire in the forge before leaving the forging shop.
  9. Always keep the working space clean and tidy.
  10. Proper safety guards should be provided on all revolving parts.
  11. The Head of the chisel should be free from burrs and should never be allowed to spread.
  12. During machine forging, always observe the safety rules prescribed for each machine.
  13. One must have a thorough knowledge and working of the forging machine before going to operate it.
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