Safety Precautions while Working on Lathe Machine

Lathe machine safety

Lathe machine

The operator must go through and become familiar with these general safety precautions/recommendations to avoid accidents and injuries while working on the lathe machine:

  1. The operator should always be sure that all guards are in place before running the lathe machine.
  2. Always clamp the work and tool properly with the correct size of work and tool holding the device.
  3. Always keep the lathe machine clear of tools.
  4. The machine should be stopped before making measurements or adjustments to the workpiece.
  5. Wear an apron or a properly fitted shop coat. Goggles should also be used to avoid chip particles’ contact with the human body.
  6. One should remove a necktie, wrist watch and jewelry while working on the machine.
  7. One should not operate the lathe until he knows the proper procedure to operate it.
  8. One should check the work frequently when the workpiece is being machined.
  9. One should check the faceplate or chuck by hand to be sure that there is no danger of the work striking any part of the lathe.
  10. Stop the machine and remove the chips with pliers. One should not touch or remove the chips by hand because they will be hot.
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