Science in Motocross Racing for Choosing Right Lane [Infographic]

During motocross racing, riders will have to make many choices which side does he/she prefer to ride while crossing the opponent and making circular turns on the race track. To stand first in the racing competition, the rider has to choose the best lanes on the racing track. Many factors exist when deciding which lane to take through a corner.

Few of the factors that decide are Kinetic Energy, Newton’s First Law of Motion, Earth gravity, Inertia affect motocross rider when trying to take some tricky corners on the race track. Track design and conditions of the track such as corner filled with ruts or steep berms also need to be considered.

When taking a corner on a motocross racing track, there are several factors need to be considered while choosing a lane. They are:

  • Braking point
  • Turn-in point
  • Apex
  • Position and direction of next corner
  • The position of other riders
  • Conditions of track and
  • Type of corner.

Below visual infographic gives clear idea and helps the motocross riders to know how to choose the best lane in the racking, to be fast in motocross racing track and win the competition.

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