Smallest Drill Machine made using 3D Print Technology

Lance Abernethy man from Auckland, New Zealand Creates Smallest Drill Machine ever. He works as a maintenance engineer, fixing machinery in a factory.He likes creating small things when he was a kid.
The claims of being the World’s smallest Drill Machine are unofficial as of now, However, Lance Abernethy does claim that this drill is the smallest one ever created.
Lance Abernethy 3d prints a working drill machine
3D printing (additive manufacturing) is any of various processes used to make a three-dimensional object. In 3D printing, additive processes are used, in which successive layers of material are laid down under computer control.
Drill Machine standing vertical on coin

To create the world’s smallest working drill, he used Ultimaker 2 3D printer. To make design he used a CAD software package called Onshape.
It took him 3 hours to solder and try and squeeze all the parts in. The wires keep on breaking off when he was trying to connect them and it was a difficult for him to hold them in place and try to not short the battery.

Drilled on hand finger using drill machine
When the drill machine was completed it measures 17 mm ×7.5 mm ×13 mm dimensions. It holds a 0.5 mm twist drill and can drill through soft objects.


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