How Tool Making has Influenced Human Evolution

The history of mankind is incredible and definitely, the discovery and use of various tools have played an important role in its evolution. When man was just evolving, he made tools to make his work of hunting and food gathering an easier task though it was still tough as the tools were rough and the efficiency was very low. Slowly, through thousands of years of experience the art of tool making evolved and so did the humans.

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Early tool making: In the ancient days, the only way by which tools could be made was by hands. There were craftsmen who would beat the metal, which was heated at very high temperatures so that it became soft enough to be molded in the desired shapes. After getting the right shape and hardness, the tool was then given the required edge by grinding it and then the finishing was done. This process took a lot of time and it needed a lot of hard work. There were many people required to make one tool and this was even skill sensitive as only a few famous craftsmen would be able to manufacture high-grade tools and weapons. Also, large-scale production was not possible and even if it was attempted, it took ages to get done. The most difficult part was that since it was made by hand, the consistency of the tools could not be maintained. Also, the toolmakers were prone to accidents and work-related hazards that could not be avoided while working with fire and metal.

Toolmaking today: Today, tool making is not just an art, but it is a fully-fledged industry. The toolmaking industry has evolved into a highly technical and sophisticated industry. The toolmakers are not just apprentices who work under someone to gain the skill. Today, the provision of proper academic and specialized training ensures that the people who emerge as the toolmakers are one of the most advanced people with sound knowledge of the toolmaking process. Many things are taken care of in the industry that makes tools.

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Personal protection: The first and the foremost thing that a toolmaker is taught during the training process today is the importance of personal protection. If the person who is highly skilled and trained in the art of tool making gets injured and as a result cannot work anymore, it will result in a significant loss not only on a personal level but also on a national level. The time money and energy spent on that particular person will go waste and the same efforts will have to be made on yet another person. This is the reason why all the toolmakers must take personal protection measures seriously, even if they think it to be a nominal job.

Quality of toolmaker: This is also of great importance that a toolmaker is ready and able to give good quality work. Whether a machine is used to make a tool or the tool is made by hands, the technical soundness of the technician or the toolmaker is fundamental. The quality is determined by a high level of accuracy and precision. If this is compromised, either tool would be useless or useless in very little time.

Importance of tools: The tools are essential as far as the manufacturing industry is concerned. Nothing can be made without tools and even the food production right from the time it is grown in the fields need tools. Thus, it can be said that humans survive in tool making industry.

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