Commonly Used Tools in Foundry Shop

A foundry shop is a place where the metal casting is prepared by melting and pouring the molten metal into moulds. Some of the commonly used tools in the foundry shop for the molding process are shovel, trowel, riddle, rammer, draw spike, swab, vent wire and slick tool.


Showel tool
Shovel tool is used for mixing and tempering molding sand and for moving the sand pile to the flask.


Trowel tool
A trowel tool is used to shape and smooth the surfaces of the mold and for doing small repairs. They are made of steel and are relatively long and narrow.


Riddle tool
A Riddle tool is a screen or sieve used to remove small pieces of metal and foreign particles from the molding sand.


Rammer tool
Rammer tool is used to compress the molding sand. The hand rammer is made of tool and resembles a handless mallet with one end flat and the other end blunt edge.

Draw spike:

Draw spike tool
Draw spike tool is used to remove the pattern from the mold and also used for rapping the pattern gently the loosen it from the sand to assure a clean draw.


Swab tool

The swab tool is made of flax or hemp and is used for applying water to the mold around the corners and edges of the patterns. This tool prevents the sand edges from crumbling when the pattern is removed from the mold.

Vent wire:

A vent wire is a thin rod or wire carrying a pointed edge at one end and a wooden handle at the other end. Vent wire is used to make small holes called vents in the sand mold.

Slick tool:

Slicks tools are the spoon-shaped trowels used for repairing or smoothening a mold surface.

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  • Hi Sir , These are very few that i can find , it will be helpful if you can improve this article by adding few more

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    • Can you name few tools that are not covered in this article.

      Vinodh Reddy Chennu Jul 6, 2016 1:33 pm Reply
      • Sprue pipe and Sprue cutter

        subhash Nov 30, 2016 11:24 am Reply
  • Runner
    Gate cutter
    Vent rod
    Strike off bar

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  • Flask, sprue pin, riser pin, gate cutter, lifter, muffle furnace, ladle

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