Welding Symbols According to IS: 813 – 1991

Basic Weld Symbols

The basic weld symbols according to IS: 813 – 1961 (reaffirmed 1991) are shown below with sectional representation and symbol in the tabular form for different forms of weld.

Fillet, square butt, single-V butt, double-V butt, single-U butt, double-U butt, single bevel butt, double bevel butt, single bevel butt, double bevel butt, Single-J butt, Bead, Stud, sealing run, spot, seam, mashed seam, plug, backing strip,  stitch, projection, flash, butt resistance or pressure are the different form of welds.
Basic weld symbols
Basic Welding Symbols

Supplementary Weld Symbols:

In addition to the above basic weld symbols, some supplementary symbols according to IS: 813 – 1961 (reaffirmed 1991) are shown below with drawing representation and symbol in the tabular form.

Weld all round, field weld, flush contour, convex contour, concave contour, grinding finish, machining finish and chipping finish are the different particulars of supplementary weld symbols.
Supplementary weld symbols

Elements of a Welding Symbol

A welding symbol consists of the following eight elements:

  1. Reference line,
  2. Arrow,
  3. Basic weld symbols,
  4. Dimensions and other data,
  5. Supplementary symbols,
  6. Finish symbols
  7. Tail, and
  8. Specification, process or other references.

Standard Location of Welding Symbols

According to Indian Standards, IS: 813 – 1961 (Reaffirmed 1991), the elements of a welding symbol shall have standard locations with respect to each other. The arrow points to the location of weld, the basic symbols with dimensions are located on one or both sides of reference line. The specification if any is placed in the tail of arrow. Below image shows the standard locations of welding symbols represented on drawing.

Standard location of welding symbols

Standard location of welding symbols

Some of the examples of desired welding symbols:

  1. Fillet-weld each side of tee-convex contour,
  2. Single V-butt weld machining finish
  3. Double V-butt weld
  4. Plug weld – 30 groove angle-flush contour and
  5. Staggered intermittent fillet welds

The above 5 desired weld symbols drawings are shown below in tabular form.
representation of weld symbols

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