What Type of Filling Machine Matches Your Industry

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If your business includes filling containers or pouches with a beverage, food, or other products, a filling machine should be one of your most essential investments. It is a packaging machine that can fill thousands of containers with certain substances to a specific level.
There are a variety of different technologies and filling machines in today’s market. If you’re only starting your business, you may be confused about which type to choose – and choosing the wrong one may damage your operations.
On the other hand, the correct filling machine will help your business by boosting your sales and improving the production line.

To help you choose the suitable machine for your business needs, here’s a list of various filling products and the appropriate filling machines for them:

Also called flow filling machines, liquid filling machines can handle all liquid types, including beverages and oils. You may also use them for thin food products like smoothies and milkshakes.
There is a wide variety of liquid products and product applications and many machine variants to research. If your product is fluid, there are several things you must consider before choosing a suitable liquid filling machine.

  • Viscosity: One of the critical things to keep in mind when shopping for a liquid filler is your product’s viscosity. A liquid can be anything from water-thin to almost gel-like substances so it’s critical to consider. Some machines can handle thick liquid while others work primarily with thin products.
  • Container type: Your filler must fill the containers you’ve chosen for your product, so be careful about this aspect as well. Whether they are glass, plastic, square, round, short, tall, with big or small openings, you need to choose a machine that fills that particular type of container.
  • Fill rate: It’s important to consider how many containers per hour you intend to fill. Not every filling machine can get to a specific tempo and meet your quota. Different fillers achieve different rates and depend on many factors like manual or automatic operation, container types, volume requirements, etc.
  • Fill volume: Fill volume depends on other aspects like filling systems, viscosity, fill rate, etc. Additionally, depending on your industry, you may have a production volume standard to meet to stay compliant.
filling machine

filling machine

Gel and Cream

Sometimes, the product is too thick to call it a liquid.
A positive displacement pump filling machine maybe your best choice If your production includes gel-like substances.
Heavier, thicker substances can wreak havoc on some liquid filling machines, but a positive displacement pump filling machine can handle them easily. Moreover, it can work with a wide variety of thick substances.
Machines like this are mainly used for high-viscosity liquids like creams, lotions, and gels. However, it can also pour water-thin liquids, so it’s perfect if you have several different viscosity products. Whether you produce heavy-paste products like cosmetic creams, hair gel, honey, shampoo, sauces, or car wax, you can benefit from a positive displacement pump filling machine.


If you plan on using a filler for a powdery product, you should go with powder filling machines. Designed with light control technology and spiral feeding, the quality ones ensure a zero-drip operation and outstanding filling accuracy.
You can use powder fillers for free-flowing and non-free-flowing substances and even for some granulated products. Free-flowing powdered products are those unable to maintain a shape even when you apply pressure to them. Table salt and granulated sugar are great examples.
On the other hand, non-free-flowing powders can be compressed into a specific shape and keep it for a long time (like powdered sugar or brown milk).
Products like starch, pouring additives, condiments, pesticides, starch, feed, and pesticides can all use a powder filling machine. They are often used in the food and beverage, chemical, and cosmetic industries.

Dry Granular Substances

Although some powder fillers can pour granulated substances, some products require a specific type of filling machine called a vibratory weight filling machine. It includes multiple vibrating trays that help carefully pour the product into a weighted bucket. Once the bucket reaches a specific weight, it empties the substance into a container.
Businesses use vibratory weight filling machines for distributing products unsuitable for powder fillers. They are essential in chemical and industrial fields. If you distribute dry granulated products that require precise weighting, look for a vibratory weight filling machine.

Pills and Candy

Your production line may require a capsule filling machine. If you’re into packaging candy, pills, or various types of capsules, it’s the filler that will work best for your needs. Instead of relying on weight, this machine will pour the products by number or piece.
Capsule filling machines are crucial to our health because they are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. They are also often used in the food industry, agriculture, healthcare, and chemical engineering projects.
The quality ones are equally capable of counting hard and soft gelatin capsules, pills, tablets, coated tablets, candy, and more.

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