World’s Biggest Aircraft: Airlander 10

The Word’s Biggest Aircraft is Airlander 10. It is a 300 feet long.
Airlander 10
Part blimp, part plane, part helicopter of Airlander 10 was originally created by British design company Hybrid Air Vehicles for military surveillance by the U.S. Army.
world's lagest aircraft
This giant aircraft is named as Airlander 10 because it can carry weight of 10 tons, It is made of a bespoke fabric of carbon fiber, kevlar and mylar, while the pressure of the helium inside maintains the aircraft’s shape.
To lift this giant aircraft Airlander 10 from the ground it uses 325 horsepower V8 diesel engines, that power the propellers; the cockpit is designed for one pilot and one observer.
Airlander cockpit
Click on the Infographic for an expanded view:
Worlds longest Aircraft Airlander 10
Hope you like the info-graphic made by Graphic News on Airlander Hybrid Air Vehicle specifications, parts and flight capabilities.

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  • o it’s very nice

    majeed Sep 13, 2016 3:55 pm Reply
  • So this aircraft could haul about half the number of passengers as the A-380? I would probably be a lot cheaper and would take a day and a half to go from NYC to London? If the tickets were half as much and they offered more space and creature comforts I would go for that. I am sure most tourists would and probably a lot of businesses would as well. Through in freebies like wifi and big screen TVs and movies as well as lay flat seats and now you are talking. And offer better food service and this will be kind of like the Orient Express and First Class on some of the better train services.

    Will Cline Nov 27, 2017 7:56 am Reply

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