Advantages of Steam Turbine over Steam Engine

The various advantages of using the steam turbine over steam engine are as follows:

  1. It requires less shaft workspace compared to the steam engine.
  2. The absence of various links such as a piston, piston rod, crosshead, etc. make the mechanism simple. The steam turbine is quiet and smooth in operation.
  3. In steam turbine power is generated at a uniform rate. Therefore, the flywheel is not needed.
  4. The internal lubrication is not required in a steam turbine. This reduces the cost of lubrication.
  5. Steam turbine overload capacity is large.
  6. Steam turbine can be designed for much greater capacities of power as compared to the steam engine. Steam turbines can be built in for generating power ranging from a few horsepower to over 200,000 horsepower in single units.
  7. It can be designed for greater range of speed of operation.
  8. Thermodynamic efficiency of the steam turbine is higher compared to the steam engine.
  9. In a steam turbine, the steam consumption does not increase with an increase in years of service.
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