Brake System Classification

The purpose of having brake system is used in automobiles to slow down or stop the vehicle by converting its kinetic energy into heat energy.

disk braking system in the two wheeler's bike

Disk braking system in the two wheeler’s bike of front wheel

Classification of Brake system:

1. On the basis of mode of actuation:

  1. Foot brake (also called the main brake) operated by foot pedal.
  2. Handbrake – it is also called parking brake operated by hand.

2. On the basis of mode of operation

  1. Air brakes
  2. Electric brakes
  3. Hydraulic brakes
  4. Mechanical brakes
  5. Vacuum brakes

3. On the Basis of Action on Front or Rear Wheels

  1. Front-wheel brakes
  2. Rear-wheel brakes

4. On the Basis of Method of Application of Braking Contact

  1. Externally – contracting brakes
  2. Internally – expanding brakes
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