Characteristics of a Good Boiler

A good boiler should have the following characteristics:

  1. The boiler should have maximum steam generation rate with minimum fuel consumption.
  2. It can be started or stopped quickly.
  3. Its initial cost, running and maintenance cost should not be high.
  4. Its erection time should be less, and its parts should be easily dismantable.
  5. The boiler should have positive controls and safety apparatus.
  6. It should have a high rate of heat transfer and better combustion efficiency.
  7. It should be able to accommodate the load variation.
  8. It should occupy less floor space.
  9. It should be trouble free and require less attention and less maintenance.
  10. It should be free from manufacturing defects.
  11. Mud should not get deposited on the heating surface. Soot or scale should not be deposited on the tubes.
  12. All parts of the boiler should be accessible for cleaning and inspection.
  13. It should conform to Indian Indian Boilers Regulations Acts.
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