Comparison of Brick Masonry and Stone Masonry

In this article, we have written on 19 differences between brick masonry and stone masonry.

differences between Brick masonry and stone masonry

 Brick Masonry
Stone Masonry
1 Availability Bricks are manufactured using clay. Stones are available in nature and obtained from quarries.
2 Handling Handling is easy. Handling is difficult.
3 Labour Semi-skilled labour is required. Skilled labour is necessary.
4 Strength Reasonably good compressive strength. Very high compressive strength.
5 Durability Reasonably durable and moderate long life. Highly durable and long-lasting.
6 Maintaining the Bond Made to regular size and shape. Due to this proper bond can be maintained. Stones required dressing for maintaining the bond.
7 Quantity of Mortar Required Less More
8 Plastering Plastering is needed. Plastering is not needed.
9 Moisture Absorption Absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Stones are watertight.
10 Mortar Joint Thin and Uniform. Thick.
11 Wall Thickness Thinner walls can be constructed. Difficult to construct walls of thickness less than 30 cm.
12 Openings and connections Construction of Openings and connections are easy. Dressing of stones is required to achieve this.
13 Cost of construction less. High.
14 Maintenance cost More Less
15 Architectural Treatment Less suited treatment Amendable to architecture
16 Fire Resistance Highly fire resistant Reasonably resistant to fire.
17 Dead Load A dead load of the wall is less Dead load is more
18 Special lifting Devices Not needed Needed
19 Appearance Elegant appearance, used in residential, commercial buildings, etc. Massive appearance, hence used for monumental works, temples, bridges, etc.
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