Difference between Flywheel and Governors

Differences between Flywheel and Governors are shown below.

1 Flywheel is provided on the engine and fabricating machines viz., rolling mills; punching machines; shear machines, presses, etc. Governor is provided on prime movers such as engines and turbines.
2 Its function is to store available mechanical energy when it is more than the load required and to the part when the available energy is less than that required by the load. Its function is to regulate the supply of driving fluid producing energy; according to the load requirements, almost a constant speed is maintained at different loads.
3 In engines, it takes care of speed fluctuations during the thermodynamic cycle. It takes care of fluctuation of speed due to the variation of load over a range of working of engines and turbines.
4 It works continuously from cycle to cycle. It works intermittently, i.e., only when there is a change in the load.
5 It is very economical to use fabrication machines as its use reduces capital investment on prime movers and their running expenses. But there would have been unnecessarily more consumption of driving fluid for the governor. Thus, it economizes its consumption.
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