Role of Civil Engineers

A civil engineer has to conceive, plan, estimate, get approval, create and maintain all civil engineering infrastructure activities. A civil engineer has a vital role in the development of the following infrastructures:

role of civil engineer

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  1. Measure and map the earth’s surface.
  2. Plan and develop extensions of towns and cities.
  3. Build suitable structures for the rural and urban areas for various utilities.
  4. Build the tanks and dams to exploit water resources.
  5. Build river navigation and flood control projects.
  6. Build canals and distributaries to take water to agricultural fields.
  7. Purify and supply water to needy areas like houses, schools, offices, etc.
  8. Provide and maintain communication systems like roads, railways, harbors and airports.
  9. Devise systems for control and efficient flow of traffic.
  10. Provide, build and maintain drainage and wastewater disposal systems.
  11. Monitor land, water and air pollution, and take measures to control them. Fast-growing industrialization has put heavy responsibilities on civil engineers to preserve and protect the environment.
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